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On a journey from the bushes of America through the large productions of the 90’s pop/grunge scene and into a modern Scandinavian branch of country music Erik P. Sjöqvist and Liza Morgansdotter are Ashes & Fire from Gothenburg, Sweden. With enchanting harmonies and powerful soundscapes they will guide you through the fates of Bob Dylan-esc characters, and with their breathtaking live act they will continue to sell out venues across the globe! ​

Their upcoming debut album, In The Mourning Light takes us on a journey that embarks in the heart of country music. Slowly but surely it weaves us through the epic pop rock sounds of the 90s à la Alanis Morisette and Jeff Buckley on to the final destination, the thriving Americana scene of 2024. A sweet symphony of beautiful harmonies, vibrant and energetic arrangements featuring everything from accordion and dobro to Hammond Organ and harmonica! A man in a bar once described them as Ryan Adams & Emmylou Harris’ bizarre child with a Tony Rice moustache and one foot wedged in a Paul Simon porta potty. 


In The Mourning Light will be out on April 26 and 7 singles will be coming out during the winter so stay tuned! The band will celebrate the album release with a gig of epic proportions at Skeppet in Gothenburg, Sweden on Saturday, May 4th.

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Blue Moon Records
+46 737 17 0200


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